Got Goals?!

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November 13, 2012 by thecuriousaquarius

English: Children raise water from a well in N...

English: Children raise water from a well in Niger. Via country profile gallery at the United States Peace Corps. No further details given. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When’s the last time you set a true and affirmative goal for yourself? I think most of my life I’ve set goals in my head without actually realizing that they were goals. Graduating college is a great example of attaining a goal that I didn’t formally set for myself.

College was more of an abstract goal rather than something I really set out to do with intention. I guess it was also just… what you were supposed to do? Which made it easy to check off the list.

I recently got a job where I’m being asked to set goals. But not just a goal here or there. I’m talking 1, 5, 10 year goals. There are three categories I have to figure out: career, health, and personal.


But why?

I think most of my fear stems from being so uncertain with what I’m doing next week that how can I possibly know my personal goals in 10 years? Not to mention that in 10 years I’ll be…. 34!!! AHHH!!

It also scares me that I’m so nervous to set goals for myself. Are goal oriented people more successful than people who don’t set goals? Maybe.

Someone told me that people who set goals create their future while people who don’t set goals are forced to be content with whatever sits in front of them. With that being said, goals are still extremely scary to me.

We were asked to do a ‘vision’ during training of where we saw ourselves in ten years if there were no boundaries, if money was of no object and location knew no limits. We could be, hear, smell, eat, go, and do anything. Where would you be? What kind of car would you drive? Who would be around you? What does your life look like without limits and constraints?

My vision was vastly different from those around me. I was almost embarrassed to read my vision at first. Most people’s involved fancy cars, children, multiple houses, dogs, and lavish lifestyles.

My vision:

In 10 years I’ll be 34. I see myself alone surrounded by small children and a well. I’m pumping clean drinking water for them and their families. My hair hangs long with a multicolored silk bandana wrapped over top of my head. I’m speaking in another language to the children and I know in that moment I can communicate with both them, and Americans. My luxuries are few but my heart and mind are full.

I am happy.

My vision was more of a snapshot in time, picturesque of my surroundings and a small glimpse into my life.

It scared me.

Traveling and helping communities in other countries has always been a dream of mine. The Peace Corps has been on my mind for a while now because I always wanted so badly to travel to other places while still feeling contributory.

Is this where I want to be in 10 years? Should this vision be incorporated in my list of goals for when I turn 34?


But… I think I’ll start with 1 and 5 year goals before I move onto 10…

Until next time,



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